Poetry Mondays: fun with first lines

As part of the writers’ retreat at Scargill, some of us got together to have a mini workshop, using lines from Brian Bilston’s very funny Index of First Lines to create our own poems.

This was my attempt. Why not click on the link above to see the original poem (and hilarious ensuing thread) on Twitter, and then have a go yourself?

Page 19 of a nonexistent book

Whither the hair tongs? I have seen them not,
and whence this irritating coffee pot
without its lid? Wherefore that single sock?
Wherewith this hand towel, whereunto this clock?
What has befallen this bedraggled blouse?
Why did we ever think of moving house?

One thought on “Poetry Mondays: fun with first lines

  1. Dear Amy,

    I’m just back from helping take my 93 year old aunt on holiday to Weymouth. It was my job to find/book a suitable place for us, our requirement being 3 bedrooms, more than one toilet (including one downstairs) & a reasonable staircase. So no ‘lovely fisherman’s cottage, 2 bedrooms, steep staircase’ need apply !

    Your poem somehow reminds me of our stay –

    ‘Wherefore the plastic herbs on the window sill – but no bread knife ?’

    ‘It’s a New Towel ! (Yes, it came from Primark)’

    ‘Who’s got the code for the Key Safe ?’ etc

    I do hope the run-in to the end of term is going smoothly.

    Love to you all, Cathy



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