Candlemas reflection

Tomorrow is Candlemas, and I was asked to contribute this reflection to the Church of England's online service on Sunday (click on the link to see it at about 9 minutes in). When I was a baby, my parents brought me to church. Having moved into central London when I was about a year old, … Continue reading Candlemas reflection

Folklore Friday: The story of St Edmund

The life of a saint is called a hagiography, and they are wonderful tapestries made up of myth, fairytale, hearsay and politics, with a thin gold thread of truth running through the middle. If you try to pick at the thread to pull it out and study it, the whole thing just unravels and falls … Continue reading Folklore Friday: The story of St Edmund

GIVEAWAY and How To Write an Advent Book – Two Ways!

My friend and fellow author Lucy Rycroft has brought out an Advent book this year too! We thought it would be fun to interview each other about our books and run giveaways from our blogs. So meet Lucy, author of Redeeming Advent, check out the rules for winning BOTH of our books below - and … Continue reading GIVEAWAY and How To Write an Advent Book – Two Ways!

Poetry Mondays: See

While putting the finishing touches to my own 2019 Advent book, it has been a joy to pick up my copy of Malcolm Guite's wonderful Waiting on the Word and begin again the daily readings of poetry, elucidated by the thoughts of a great poet. The first few poems in the book have to do … Continue reading Poetry Mondays: See

Poetry Monday: Armistice Sonnets

All four of the sonnets I wrote for the centenary of the end of World War 1 have now been filmed, and here they are in order. They also exist as a single video on YouTube. You are welcome to show the videos in churches and at any event commemorating the armistice. If you would … Continue reading Poetry Monday: Armistice Sonnets

Armistice Sonnet I: Sacrifice

I know it isn't Monday, but there's a bit of poetry on the blog today because, as you may have noticed from the change of name, I'm doing a new thing. Do watch the video, but don't forget to read on below! We filmed this in Thorpe Morieux church, and I'm grateful to Steve Day … Continue reading Armistice Sonnet I: Sacrifice

Poetry Mondays: Golden Wedding

It's the season of wedding anniversaries! Ours today, which we share with several friends, and many more to celebrate over the summer. We're only at Lace (13 years) and very grateful for every year. I love celebrating with people who have reached the Silver, Ruby, Gold and Diamond milestones. Here's a poem I wrote as … Continue reading Poetry Mondays: Golden Wedding

What I’m Up To Wednesday: How do you defeat your dragons?

On Saturday I took a break from my intense writing schedule and visited Norton and then Caldecote with some new stories. In Caldecote, the theme was  'How do you defeat your dragons?' and the storytelling tent was set out with some fantastic talking points, story excerpts and even a seven-headed dragon chalkboard for people to … Continue reading What I’m Up To Wednesday: How do you defeat your dragons?

Poetry Mondays: fun with first lines

As part of the writers' retreat at Scargill, some of us got together to have a mini workshop, using lines from Brian Bilston's very funny Index of First Lines to create our own poems. This was my attempt. Why not click on the link above to see the original poem (and hilarious ensuing thread) on … Continue reading Poetry Mondays: fun with first lines