Congratulations to Jenni S, who won the giveaway and will receive signed copies of both Advent books – mine and Lucy’s!

Jenni, please use the link to contact me from my homepage or the email address under your comment on the last blog, to send me your address so that I can post your prize!

Everyone else – there is still a chance to win both books, over on Lucy’s blog today and for the next few days, plus another chat between the two of us – this time about our own Advent family traditions. Go and have a read!

One thought on “Winner!

  1. Amy, I came by via Amy Young, a mutual friend. I always enjoy seeing new books for Advent readings. I looked around here on your site, but I didn’t see any links to where we can purchase your newest book. Maybe you can add that? I would definitely be interested. May God give Wings to your words.


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